Lunuganga Residency

The Lunuganga Residency

The Lunuganga Residency was established to continue the use of Lunuganga as a space for encouraging creative arts. The Residency will permit one or two international visitors at a time to withdraw to Lunuganga as a retreat. Artists, writers and crafts people working in the fields of architecture, literature and the visual arts may apply to the Trust in writing. The Residency is available at an approximate rate of US $ 2,000.00 per month……………. The fee includes accommodation, meals, laundry and cooking facilities. A work area is available and must be identified during application.


The Lunuganga Residency is administered through the Lunuganga Trust. It was developed out of the use of Lunuganga Garden which seeks to continue its use as a space for encouraging contemplation of creative thought and possibility . It is an attempt to give the property a meaningful and viable future in addition to being a place for serious study for artists, writers, scholars and craftspeople.

The Lunuganga Residency can house two international visitors at any one time with the aim of providing a retreat. It is available on application to the Lunuganga Trust and is open for periods of one to four months. The residency is open to those interested in architecture, literature, and the visual arts. Each application will be judged on its merits.

The accommodation includes an informal working space. For longer residencies access to workshop space must be negotiated with the onsite Management and must be identified as an important
component at the time of application. It is envisaged that would be participants would make available their expertise and knowledge through lectures/ workshops, exhibitions and readings during the course of their stay at Lunuganga. The organisations of these events will need to be discussed and negotiated with the Lunuganga Trust according to the need of the artists concerned.

All applications should be addressed to the Lunuganga Trust. The Trust will review applications and nominate the successful applicant. All applications will need elementary support material such as a small selection of pictures / published material/ CV’s etc. Applicants would also need official sponsorship from a recognised educational body in support of their application.

A brief statement of what the applicant intends to achieve during their stay will have to be provided. Each applicant should nominate the length of time they would require for their stay at Lunuganga. The Lunuganga residency does not accommodate families or spouses. The Residency is available from mid May to mid November of any year.

A copy of the ground rules for would be residents may be obtained on application.

Applications can be addressed to:
The Lunuganga Trust
11, 33rd Lane, off Bagatelle Road,
Colombo 03,
Sri Lanka

Further information could be obtained from any contact mentioned below.
Tel: +94(11)2589212
Fax: +94(11)2595874