The Geoffrey Bawa Trust – Student Travel Award

The Geoffrey Bawa Trust Travel award was set up as one of the objectives of the Geoffrey Bawa Trust to help young architectural students to visit a South Asia country (primary preference to India) to visit places of architecture and sculptural interest to further their general appreciation of South Asian architecture.


The successful applicant would be chosen by a panel of architects after advertising in the local newspapers with copies sent to the Dept. of Architecture, University of Moratuwa and the Colombo School of Architecture run by the Sri Lanka Institute of Architects. A financial grant to cover travel and living expenses would be a part of the award. Applicants must be Sri Lankan citizens.

The recipient on completion of travel should submit to the Trust a resume of the architectural findings of such travel, together with explanatory sketches and the other visual data in support of such findings during a time frame stipulated by the selectors of the award. He/She would be required to sign an agreement to this effect at the presentation of the award.

Student Grants

The Geoffrey Bawa Trust has an annual grant to assist students to travel abroad to experience foreign architecture.